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i never thought i would buy something through itunes. there\'s too much quality free shit on there as well i never saw it as a gaming device per say, but more of a music device or phone that has gaming capabilities. it\'s

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Cult of the Lamb

Posted at 9:25 - 25th, June 2022 by Alex Alex
This is being touted as Animal Crossing with weapons and blood. I have to admit, it sounds relatively interesting.

Maybe a cross between animal crossing for the city building and citizen animal folk managing but with the fighting of binding of isaac.

Going to be out for pretty much everything it looks like.

The nightmare of exchanging dollars to Euros in italy

Posted at 12:28 - 14th, June 2022 by Alex Alex
I brought most of my money in US cash to Italy and was expecting to be able to change it at any bank here, you know like pretty much anywhere else in the world.
But Italy has some laws in place to stop money laundering or something, thanks mafia...

You need to have a bank account at the bank you're trying to change money at to get anything done and even then most banks aren't actual banks in the conventional sense but rather do most of there banking online. I'd be very surprised if they even carry cash for people to withdraw.

The banks that do change currencies have some crazy exchange rate. The current rate online is 1us to .95euros. They'll do it at 1us to .8x euros.

The exchange offices are even worse, doing it at 0.7x euros.

Who needs the mafia when the banks will screw you.

Alex - Transferwise? Never heard of it. I've been using my an American account I have that...

Someone has been spoofing my work email

Posted at 9:17 - 13th, June 2022 by Alex Alex
I recently switched my work email provider away from google to one of my hosting companies. Google is becoming more evil and decided to start charging for workplace / g suite / whatever despite promising never to do that for grandfather users.

Anyway, originally I had noticed that some of my emails were not being received by clients and I wasn't receiving some of my emails from clients. I just couldn't figure it out and didn't think much of it when I switched away from the google space and my emails starting working properly. Chalked it up to google being super aggressive with their spam filters despite nothing getting "caught".

Now my new mailbox is being flooded with failed / bounced back emails that I've never sent. I've even had one client ask me to stop sending them.

I'm speaking with support at funio now to try and fix the issue but have no idea what to do.

Alex - It seems like a simple change of password for an account that was on the funio server (it'...

Trance Fridays #390 - Franky Wah Feat iiola - Bring me back to you

Posted at 17:59 - 28th, May 2022 by Alex Alex

Trance Fridays #389 - Massane - Leave Me (Ashibah Remix)

Posted at 23:40 - 10th, May 2022 by Alex Alex
A wonderful remix on Lane 8's This never happened label.

Love the visuals too. Is it paint, oil, a planet?

Trance Fridays #384 - Lxury - Do This Forever

Posted at 3:07 - 20th, April 2022 by Alex Alex
Tags: trance fridays, Lxury, do this forever, letterkenny, comedy, great dialogue, canadian humor
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andrew - ahhh i totally forgot about that show, need to catch up

MacOS 8.0 in a browser

Posted at 14:12 - 11th, April 2022 by Alex Alex
Tags: apple, mac os, mac os 8, games, emulation, civilization, sid meier
Alex - you know what? you're 100% right haha It's so interesting that they have th...