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I love that within two minutes, they are pretty much at the end of episode 1 .. lol

Sega Neptune Mod

Posted at 2:11 - 27th, November 2023 by Alex Alex
Anyone remember the Sega Tower of Power? it's the amount of power bricks you would need to have when plugging in the Genesis, Sega CD and the 32x all at the same time. A bit of a fire hazard if you ask me.

Sega originally had planned to release a version of the Genesis with the 32x built into it called a Sega Neptune. It was even supposed to come in a nice looking case but because the 32x would of been in direct competition for their new console - the Sega Saturn - Sega of America were forced to forget the 32x and all derivatives and focus on the Saturn and its launch.

This is a whole other story in itself as it was an absolute mess.

Macho Nacho Productions has a run down of how to make a Sega Neptune using Genesis and 32x parts and you can now buy a case for the Neptune and shove everything in there.

Have to admit, it's a pretty nice looking little system.

Le Youth - Feel around you

Posted at 3:11 - 22nd, November 2023 by Alex Alex


Posted at 19:38 - 21st, November 2023 by Alex Alex
I've been watching Invincible recently. It sparked my interest because of OmniMan more than anything else.
Amazon pulled an amazon and went kind of woke with it, with some flamboyantly gay stuff just for the sake of being gay and a couple race swaps but if you look past the changes the show isn't that bad. It's a basic teen drama / teen coming of age comic book with super heroes flying around as a norm in the background.

The art style is pretty basic and really bad in some places where they suddenly throw in low resolution cg characters near the end for some reason. Not sure why exactly, but have a feeling it ran out of money or something.

It starts with a after the credits thing with a lot of gore, was kind of surprising. There's gore throughout the rest of the season, but not like later on in season one. Just, wow. And almost as if they're doing just for the shock of it more than anything.

I recommend season one, but with the way it ends, I'm not sure I'll bother with season two. Again, OmniMan is the most interesting part of the show, Invincible and the teen drama stuff is just tiring. And it makes you wonder who the show is supposed to target. Adults, most adults anyway, won't care for it, but the fights are just so gore filled that it can't be for kids.

The boy and the Heron

Posted at 22:39 - 11th, November 2023 by Alex Alex

Out of the blue and I am so excited!

andrew - i definitely recommend going here someday:

FPGA Nintendo 64 gaming

Posted at 14:37 - 11th, November 2023 by Alex Alex
I'm almost tempted to get one of these. I already have a rom cart for the N64 but playing it on a modern screen is becoming a problem. These devices would solve this problem.

FPGA is basically fitting the entire mobo of the N64 on a single chip. Essentially turning these modern machines, which can output 4k resolution, connect to wifi and bluetooth, can play Nintendo 64 games natively meaning no emulation. It's actually really impressive.

Here's Modern Vintage Gamer with more details

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andrew - very cool, there's an equivalent FPGA-based NES and SNES cart already - only a matter of t...

What games do you have for your nintendo Switch?

Posted at 16:50 - 6th, November 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: Nintendo switch, mario, ogre battles, metroid, mario, secret of mana, deadcells, pikmin, games
Alex - Went on a bit of a buying spree. got the following: Rabbids?...

Perfect Dark PC "Port"

Posted at 19:48 - 3rd, November 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: Rareware, nintendo 64, n64, nintendo, perfect dark
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andrew - there was a PC goldeneye port a few years back that was pretty good, I'm curious about thi...

Mixing Zelda Ocarina of time with Studio Ghibli

Posted at 13:43 - 2nd, November 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: nintendo, cease and desist, zelda, fan movies, unreal engine, unreal engine 5, studio ghibli
js - That looks pretty good. Hopefully it doesn't get a cease and desist letter from Nintendo ...

uBlock Origin and youtube, the never ending battle

Posted at 18:16 - 31st, October 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: youtube, google, ublock origin, advertising
js - I ended up paying for premium. I canceled Netflix because they kept raising the price and...

Cities Skylines 2 performance issues caused by teeth

Posted at 13:32 - 31st, October 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: cities skylines 2, LOD, level of detail, citizens, teeth
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js - I saw those stories as well. Some people were blaming the developers outsourcing the model...

The blackening

Posted at 20:42 - 15th, September 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: the blackening, movies, trailers, racism

StarWars Dark Forces Remastered

Posted at 18:21 - 25th, August 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: Video games, remaster, star wars, dark forces, night dive studios
Alex - I'd play D2 again if I had time and people to play with.

Zack Snyder's take on Dune?

Posted at 19:38 - 23rd, August 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: zack snyder, dune, rebel moon, cg, scifi, space opera
Alex - The train station looks a bit off to me. something about how the camera is moving or the a...

Users / "owners" sue after buying Bored Ape NFTs

Posted at 14:03 - 18th, August 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: nft, auctions, idiots, lawsuits
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js - When the original NFT came out, I though that maybe it could be a good thing. Digital art...

Houston, we may have a problem - DART causes space debris field

Posted at 17:57 - 24th, July 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: NASA, asteroids, comets, DART, world extinction event, darwin award
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andrew - this is just like jurassic park when there are consequences for playing god..

My HDD is failing

Posted at 19:10 - 23rd, July 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: Western Digital, Hard drive, Solid state drive, price drops, amazon
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andrew - more expensive, but I've had s 250GB Samsung SSD for about 10 years now and it's still run...

World Order Mind shift

Posted at 13:51 - 12th, July 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: World Order, music videos, dance music, japanese music, robots, walking funny
Alex - I actually bought a compilation cd pack (3 discs) of happy hardcore from hmv when I had fi...

Upgrading phone

Posted at 18:52 - 11th, July 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: LG G8, android, iOS, iphone, samsung galaxy, nothing phone, lightphone
Alex - you still have the screen?

Nintendo kind of announces Nintendo Switch 2 at Financial call

Posted at 15:32 - 28th, June 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: nintendo, switch, zelda, consoles, DS, DSi, 2DS, 3DS, XL, Tears of the kingdom, Nintendo Switch Pro
Alex - So you've got a friend code as well then?! Gimme gimme!