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alright fine, i'll start. this weekend went and had a very nice dinner with johnny and deb and cliff at bifteque for dave's birthday. was very nice. old people make a lot of noise though ;) yesterday i bought tenchu for

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Introducing Seagate Mach.2

Posted at 19:56 - 26th, May 2021 by Alex Alex
Did anyone know Seagate was still around pumping out hard drives? I just kind of figure WD had taken over and the market had shifted to SSD. I still trust HDD more than SSD for long term storage solutions, but it's hard to argue with the speed of an SSD.

Apparently, these mechanical hard drives are able to come close to SSD read speeds due to there being 2 actuators reading and writing to the disks independently from each other. To be honest, surprised it took them this long to do that, isn't this basically just RAID but on a single hard drive?

Alex - Oh, I've had maybe 2 ssd die on me already, in the 240 or 480 gig range, so not first gen,...

Biden pulls plug on COVID Lab leak investigation

Posted at 13:38 - 26th, May 2021 by Alex Alex
Well now, this doesn't surprise me.
When Trump was president he was pushing the idea of a Wuhan lab leak that caused the pandemic. People thought he was just trying to blame China and said he was being racist. You know, the usual story about Trump.

Here's a report from ZeroHedge. It is ZeroHedge so take it with a grain of salt because it's "uncorroborated" and unnamed sources, but apparently others are confirming this.

According to three unnamed sources, when Biden was briefed on the investigations' findings in February and March, he pulled the plug - and instead opted to trust the findings of the World Health Organization, which conducted an 'investigation' earlier this year which turned out to be nothing more than political theater, the cast of which included the highly conflicted Peter Daszak, the Fauci-funded virologist who was studying bat viruses at the Wuhan lab.

I don't know why people are so against the idea of a lab leak. I figure this kind of shit happens all the time and we just don't know or the media doesn't report it. People are acting strange when it comes to this kind of idea. I personally think it was leaked, possibly man made, maybe not genetically modified or enhanced but rather steered in the right direction by scientists so to speak.

Alex - Damn, I was hoping to see the building sway but the camera work is so shitty you can't rea...

New Coral Reef project happening around the Caribbean

Posted at 14:10 - 20th, May 2021 by Alex Alex
Check this out, it's pretty cool. They'll be studying 6 locations around the Caribbean and the effects humans have had on the waters surrounding those locations. COVID has provided a very unique opportunity, basically with tourism dead all over the world the coast lines are reverting back to their normal state.

There have been stories all over the world about fish and mammals being seen in places that haven't seen aquatic life in recent memory because the waters are too polluted. Now with tourism dead, boats and pleasure craft aren't as active and water ways are getting cleaned of oil and refuse. It's really quite something.

It's just a shame that the corals aren't responding the same. Seems like our hunger for dirty energy, quick and easy manufacturing and all these chemicals we like pumping into ourselves and subsequently the environment aren't helping the situation. So while tourism is dead, a lot of the damage we're doing here in the Caribbean seems to be in displacing run off and pumping our byproduct of sewage treatment into the oceans.

We have identified six sites in the Dampier Straits that range from areas of heavy algal overgrowth to a windward, upstream “control” reef. We shall collect an abundant reef alga, Padina pavonica, a macroalgae whose tissues are known to reflect ambient ?15N values.

I've gone on a handful of these expeditions to collect algae samples and help with beach studies and some other things. I've learned a lot. Ecosystems that I thought were thriving have been dead or dying this whole time, and area's I thought dead or just rocks have small signs of life.

I always expected the reefs to look like that of the Pacific or Indian Oceans because of what is shown in the magazines and travel blogs, but the Caribbean just doesn't offer that wide a variety of ocean flora or fauna. It's still amazing to recognize what we do though. Pretty much every time I go out now, I learn about new things in the water. It's amazing.

Demeo Gameplay Footage

Posted at 19:09 - 19th, May 2021 by Alex Alex
I've been on the fence about the whole VR thing. I've tested it out with multiple setups and while fun I don't think I can justify the price for the 1 or two games I would use it for.
The biggest problem with fps games is that you don't really move around, you end up just warping from place to place and shooting stuff. There are some games which allow free movement, but then the motion sickness is for real unless you're physically sitting down. I think this would be different if I could afford the whole walking setup that JS posted years back, but alas, that's not feasible.

The other thing is most games are just mini games or party games. They aren't really very deep games yet.

One area where VR excels though is multiplayer stationary games - games where you don't walk around but rather are looking over troops, or maybe you're sitting down at a kiosk like in StarTrek. These games focus more on the community aspect rather than the limited gameplay. They look tremendously fun, especially the StarTrek game.

Enter Demeo. It's a D&D simulation with action figures and enemies. Where the players are trying to get to the bottom of a dungeon for something. Really quite brilliant because you're not really moving around but there's the whole community aspect to the multiplayer.

Check it out:

Tour of the Axiom from Wall-E

Posted at 18:26 - 17th, May 2021 by Alex Alex
Remember that ship of lazy fat humans from Wall-E? Now you can check out the ship in all it's glory.

I wish this had VR support. I think that'd make it that much better.

Parallels Desktop now running natively on M1 mac

Posted at 20:46 - 12th, May 2021 by Alex Alex
Tags: M1, apple, ppc, g3, g4, universal binaries, windows, microsoft, windows on arm, ARM, x86, emulation, virtualization
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andrew - apparently it's not terrible, although have yet to use a M1 Mac. Because it's emulating an...

After 27 years, you can now finally softmod a ps1

Posted at 13:20 - 12th, May 2021 by Alex Alex
Tags: playstation, sony, ps1, softmod, mod
Alex - Oh neat! Love the name too. I've got an SNES in it's original packaging but...

Site issues

Posted at 17:14 - 12th, March 2021 by Alex Alex
Tags: site update, siteground, aws, amazon web services
Alex - For the life of me, I cannot get htaccess to flush the php cache like it's supposed to. I ...




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