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taking my car and going tonight after work be easier to carry it home in the car i would imagine

Clifford Just Called

at 19:58 - 5th, September 2008

his farewell call...

wish you luck my friend.

js js
News comment 1 | User comment 1033 | 11:42 - 6th, Sep 2008

He called me while i was at work, so i didn't have much time to talk. I wished him luck too. Wait, do you think both of us wishing him luck would cancel each other out and cause him to have bad luck...

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4890 | 13:26 - 6th, Sep 2008

wishing him luck is not a double negative thus resulting in the opposite affect ;)

Carl Carl
News comment 3 | User comment 1159 | 20:00 - 6th, Sep 2008

Yup he called me too. I just laughed and hung up ;)

Alex Alex
News comment 4 | User comment 4890 | 20:41 - 6th, Sep 2008

hahaha i can picture that

Carl Carl
News comment 5 | User comment 1159 | 8:00 - 8th, Sep 2008

In all honesty though he seemed somewhat afraid of leaving. Not sure if it was jitters or like Oh shit I am actually doing this. So I pepped him up a bit because if he goes in down he will stay down. He has to start that thing with as much confidence as possible.

John John
News comment 6 | User comment 376 | 8:18 - 8th, Sep 2008

Well said, and I agree completely. I know he can do this, he just needs to stick with it and stay confident.

Alex Alex
News comment 7 | User comment 4890 | 12:35 - 8th, Sep 2008

i hope he does well, he needs this

Carl Carl
News comment 8 | User comment 1159 | 15:08 - 8th, Sep 2008

Does he? I agree he needs more confidence but this whole army thing seemed kinda forced. I mean Chris convinced him how "cool" it was and he was star eyed and sold on the idea since. To me that isn't passion about what you want to do. But again he may love it and he might learn some good things.

I think in general he just needed to kick his ass and do something rather then the temp work at the farm and play games all day.

Alex Alex
News comment 9 | User comment 4890 | 17:13 - 8th, Sep 2008

that last part could go for some other people here too eh...

vikie and i always thought it never really suited his character, he's too laid back to be in the military. chris on the other hand i could definitely see joining, and maybe even me to a certain degree.

i hope this doesn't change cliff for the worse though

andrew andrew
News comment 10 | User comment 1304 | 9:58 - 9th, Sep 2008

my two cents..

doesn't suit his character? mabye thats the whole point. people always assume things about others without really knowing and force their beliefs on how people *should* be. who are you to judge whether someone is suited for the military or not?

following your logic, you think cliff is destined to be his usual self for the rest of his life. Aside from the risk of death, the good thing about the military is that it really builds your character, gives you confidence & develops people skills. mabye thats what cliff is looking for.

at any rate, it is wrong for any of us to say someone isn't suited for anything..especially since we are friends. if I ever did something similar, I would hope for encouragement and not something along the lines of you can't do it or its not for you

Alex Alex
News comment 11 | User comment 4890 | 10:15 - 9th, Sep 2008

well put andy

Christophe Christophe
News comment 12 | User comment 766 | 12:40 - 9th, Sep 2008

i agree but i disagree andy, i wanted to talk cliff out of it not because i didnt think he was suited for it... the point of boot camp is to make you suited for it... even if you are not.

i wanted cliff to not go because i think hes a great person, and i dont think he needs to change. i think if we had more people like cliff the world would be a lot happier place and i think that even if there is a slightest bit of a chance that the army will change him into something even a fraction worse then its not worth it.

on the other hand, since he has already joined, all i can do is wish him the best of luck and hope that he enjoys the experience and his time there

Carl Carl
News comment 13 | User comment 1159 | 14:45 - 9th, Sep 2008

Good point Christophe. Personally as a friend if by chance I think you might not make a wise choice or do something questionable I'll say what's up. If I just be totally care bear about it then am I really being a friend. For instance if you started doing drugs. I'm not going to sit and go way to go, sniff that shit because I support you. I will tell you that you are a dumbass and leave it at that.

Thing is this started when I had my christmas get together. Cliff was already working somewhat at his uncles but not much of anything else. Chris was there mentioned to Cliff to join and it's so cool, army does x,y,z. Chris had fun and mentioned all the jokes and goofing around. Cliff was sold on it from that day. He thought about it previously mind you but Chris really sold him on it.

Carl Carl
News comment 14 | User comment 1159 | 14:51 - 9th, Sep 2008

Nothing wrong with that mind you. But it seemed more like a last ditch resort rather then going hey, I really want to do this. Thats where my concern is/was. I will support him but I am allowed to question. You can judge me for that though if you wish.

I don't think anything less of him and as per my phone call with him I said go for it and do your best and that he could do it. But to me he seemed unsure on the phone so to me that tells me he has doubts. Maybe it was the jitters. Not saying he is a bad person for any of this though or he has to be a certain way or I don't accept him. Maybe he will come out of it a bit wiser and better person for it. But it seems uncharacteristic to me anyways and that just my a friend. If it makes me less of a friend so be it.

Carl Carl
News comment 15 | User comment 1159 | 14:52 - 9th, Sep 2008

Either way I applaud him for his balls to do it, cause I sure wouldn't

Alex Alex
News comment 16 | User comment 4890 | 15:04 - 9th, Sep 2008

but the main difference is we're not talking about doing random drugs here, and the only problem cliff will see is he might be shipped to a hostile territory if they need paper clerks or electrical technicians or whatever he's trying to be.

my main issue is that we probably won't see him after this.

Carl Carl
News comment 17 | User comment 1159 | 16:15 - 9th, Sep 2008

Yeah there is that. What does Cliff want to do in that?

I mean I asked Chris to be my son's godfather in name only right now and realistically looking at it now, he will probably never see him. Hell I may have to ask someone else because he won't be able to make it to the baptism whenever we do actually do it.

Alex Alex
News comment 18 | User comment 4890 | 18:22 - 9th, Sep 2008

got someone in mind for that?

anyway, back to topic, as sad as it is, it's great for cliff. i always knew we all wouldn't remain in montreal. vikie and i are leaving soonish. even christophe doesn't know what he wants right now. though he says he wants to stay in montreal.

this is a big step for cliffy, it's the beginning of his career. whatever it is.

Carl Carl
News comment 19 | User comment 1159 | 18:44 - 9th, Sep 2008

Not really but I would like someone who could be there more often then naught. I don't like the idea of a godfather who is just one by name and wants either no part or he is just that guy your kid knows exists.

And yeah were all getting to that point of going seperate ways as our lives come to a certain path.

"To the next step" ;) Had to do it

Alex Alex
News comment 20 | User comment 4890 | 19:06 - 5th, Sep 2021

Wow, 2008, seems like such a long time ago. Completely forgot all about this. I wonder how cliff is doing. Haven't heard or seen him in a long time. I do know he's a family man now. Wonder if he's still in the military.

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