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if its in the morning tmrw, i could do that

Hack the Planet for Democracy!

at 11:50 - 6th, June 2008

I got this in the mail today from one of my coworkers.

This week Barack Obama won the Democrat nomination for US President, pitting him against Republican candidate John McCain. At the same time both candidates have ramped up their web efforts, with Obama's camp calling for web developers to "Write Software, Change Washington" and McCain's camp launching a new-look website. In this post we check out the latest web developments in the race to become the next US President.

The Obama campaign is currently looking for "exceptionally talented web developers" to take their web presence to the next level. The job requirements show that we can expect some rapid innovation in using the Web to win an election:

"This six-month opportunity will allow you to:

§ Create software tools which will enable an unprecedented nationwide voter contact and mobilization effort

§ Help build and run the largest online, grassroots fundraising operation in the history of American politics

§ Introduce cutting-edge social networking and online organizing to the democratic process by empowering everyday people to participate on My.BarackObama"

now i don't normally get into politics on my site, but this was just too good to pass up.

if you go to obama's site where he's looking for programmers you'll find this:

# An abiding desire to put your technical wizardry to work for democracy and for our country

i cracked up because of this because two pictures got into my mind. To me, and some will definitely disagree, a programmer who works for changing the world is usually a hacker/programmer who is trying to take down 'the man'. but now obama is trying to get these guys to change the world with him. what a joke. and obama isn't going to change the world anyway. at least not for the better.

but that's neither here nor there.

the second thing that came to mind is hackers where cereal killer yells out hack the planet.

what a joke...


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