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are people good for next weekend ?

Interesting Development for the Macbook Pro

at 10:03 - 6th, June 2008

Anandtech had access to a 2.66GHz Nehalem processor which they pitted against a 2.66GHz Penryn processor. Performance improvements ranged from 20-50% faster for the Nehalem chip. h.264 video encoding was tested and saw a 44% speed boost on Nehalem vs Penryn on the equally clocked processors. They claim that the 2.66GHz Nehalem outpaces the current top-of-the-line 3.2GHz Penryn. The speed increase comes at a cost of only a 10% increase in total system power consumption.

So it might actually be worth the wait for macworld in a couple of weeks. hell we might even hear something at WWDC.

cross your fingers.


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