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definitely more money in assassin's creed sad. i'd absolutely love to see a version on the wii using cell shading again. less resources needed, more chances of profits.

Coding Secrets - Programmer's Tales of what it was like programming for systems like the Sega Gensis

at 0:21 - 17th, September 2021
I've been watching this guys videos pretty consistently for the last couple of weeks and truth be told it's made me want to get my hands dirty again.

He used to make games for the Amiga, Commodore 64, Genesis, Saturn, Playstation and have some insight into Nintendo consoles as well. It's really quite fascinating the thought process he has for solving some of the more challenging problems that they would come up with while making games.

Here's a video regarding the Moose chasing Mickey portion of one of the Mickey Mouse games on Genesis.


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