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and to top it all off, my wireless card does seem to be having problems, even after the reformat.

Titan Fall 2

at 10:53 - 10th, September 2021

It breaks my heart to see what's happening with this game. If you haven't played it, pick it up. The single player is one of the best single player campaigns I've played in a very long time. It is also one of the most technologically impressive games I've played.

At one point you're fighting your way to this beacon, when you get the beacon, it allows you switch between one "timeline" and another. It's basically like traveling back and forth in time by 5 years or something. They set this tool up on the middle mouse button and you flow back and forth seamlessly. No loading times, non stop action, good enemy AI, fun acrobatics.

Just all round fantastic game.

Then we got on the multiplayer and wow. The amount of time I spent in there was ridiculous. The game popularity would ebb and flow depending on the game going on sale. We also set up a team of six on discord to play together and had a decent amount of fun.

Then the games started bugging out in match making, going from taking forever to get into a match to most recently getting into a match if you were lucky enough and when you got in you were lucky if your game didn't time out after 2 minutes. The multiplayer was unplayable.

Turns out someone was attacking the TitanFall 1 and 2 servers for no particular reason.

Now this:

Several members of the Titanfall 2 community incl. @DirectXeon are reporting that Titanfall 2 is currently massively compromised.

If you own Titanfall 2 on PC, *DO NOT* launch the game. Uninstall it for now until a fix is released.

Here's the official response from Respawn

It's just sad where this has gone. I'd actually love to play the game again.


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