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Yeah but some smaller companies have no shareholders. Not everyone has that luxury

Introducing Seagate Mach.2

at 19:56 - 26th, May 2021
Did anyone know Seagate was still around pumping out hard drives? I just kind of figure WD had taken over and the market had shifted to SSD. I still trust HDD more than SSD for long term storage solutions, but it's hard to argue with the speed of an SSD.

Apparently, these mechanical hard drives are able to come close to SSD read speeds due to there being 2 actuators reading and writing to the disks independently from each other. To be honest, surprised it took them this long to do that, isn't this basically just RAID but on a single hard drive?


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andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1302 | 11:25 - 27th, May 2021

i'm so out of date with what is the latest and greatest hardware, I'm kind of surprised to hear about mechanical HDs making a comeback. i wonder if they still last longer than SSDs, which have a max read/write limit (although have much improved) I have yet to have an SSD of mine die. Granted now that I wrote this, it will probably happen.

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4886 | 15:48 - 27th, May 2021

Oh, I've had maybe 2 ssd die on me already, in the 240 or 480 gig range, so not first gen, but not exactly top of the line either.

I still trust HDD more for storage of info I don't access every day. Though when I think about it, maybe I shouldn't.

Generally speaking, I think we rely too much on digital info, but it's hard to argue with storing your entire life's photo album on an sd card rather than the amount of physical albums that would take.

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