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New Coral Reef project happening around the Caribbean

at 14:10 - 20th, May 2021
Check this out, it's pretty cool. They'll be studying 6 locations around the Caribbean and the effects humans have had on the waters surrounding those locations. COVID has provided a very unique opportunity, basically with tourism dead all over the world the coast lines are reverting back to their normal state.

There have been stories all over the world about fish and mammals being seen in places that haven't seen aquatic life in recent memory because the waters are too polluted. Now with tourism dead, boats and pleasure craft aren't as active and water ways are getting cleaned of oil and refuse. It's really quite something.

It's just a shame that the corals aren't responding the same. Seems like our hunger for dirty energy, quick and easy manufacturing and all these chemicals we like pumping into ourselves and subsequently the environment aren't helping the situation. So while tourism is dead, a lot of the damage we're doing here in the Caribbean seems to be in displacing run off and pumping our byproduct of sewage treatment into the oceans.

We have identified six sites in the Dampier Straits that range from areas of heavy algal overgrowth to a windward, upstream “control” reef. We shall collect an abundant reef alga, Padina pavonica, a macroalgae whose tissues are known to reflect ambient ?15N values.

I've gone on a handful of these expeditions to collect algae samples and help with beach studies and some other things. I've learned a lot. Ecosystems that I thought were thriving have been dead or dying this whole time, and area's I thought dead or just rocks have small signs of life.

I always expected the reefs to look like that of the Pacific or Indian Oceans because of what is shown in the magazines and travel blogs, but the Caribbean just doesn't offer that wide a variety of ocean flora or fauna. It's still amazing to recognize what we do though. Pretty much every time I go out now, I learn about new things in the water. It's amazing.


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