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Finish at 9:30, don\'t think i can make it. If it had been at the same time at spheretech, then that would have worked.

Demeo Gameplay Footage

at 19:09 - 19th, May 2021
I've been on the fence about the whole VR thing. I've tested it out with multiple setups and while fun I don't think I can justify the price for the 1 or two games I would use it for.
The biggest problem with fps games is that you don't really move around, you end up just warping from place to place and shooting stuff. There are some games which allow free movement, but then the motion sickness is for real unless you're physically sitting down. I think this would be different if I could afford the whole walking setup that JS posted years back, but alas, that's not feasible.

The other thing is most games are just mini games or party games. They aren't really very deep games yet.

One area where VR excels though is multiplayer stationary games - games where you don't walk around but rather are looking over troops, or maybe you're sitting down at a kiosk like in StarTrek. These games focus more on the community aspect rather than the limited gameplay. They look tremendously fun, especially the StarTrek game.

Enter Demeo. It's a D&D simulation with action figures and enemies. Where the players are trying to get to the bottom of a dungeon for something. Really quite brilliant because you're not really moving around but there's the whole community aspect to the multiplayer.

Check it out:


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