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gamer here). But for families it is all good. They will have plenty to have fun with though I must say with the butchering of things like the game of Life is a sign of the worse things to come. Pay to download demos mo

Chinese rover successfully lands on Mars

at 15:02 - 17th, May 2021
Seems like the US is not the only country with rovers being sent out to the red planet.

From Arstechnica

Chinese media report that the Zhurong rover is expected to roll off the lander within the next three Martian days to begin its exploration of the red planet.

Original post: As early as Friday evening in the United States, China will attempt to set its Tianwen-1 lander down on the surface of Mars. After weeks of speculation, the China National Space Administration confirmed that the country will seek to land the mission, including its "Zhurong" rover, sometime between 23:00 UTC on Friday, May 14 and May 19.

I know it's been kind of a sci fi trope for the last couple years that China will be instrumental in the exploration of space, but I never quite thought it would actually come true. I kind of figured it was mostly just propaganda from the Chinese producers making movies and tv shows now.


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