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so... very... epic... screw artistic idea, this is just an incredible thing to find on a beach. i'd take him home with me and put him in my yard to scare away dogs or little kids in the night. lol.

PBS EONS: When trees took over the world

at 20:12 - 14th, May 2021
I love mini docs and PBS has some good ones. I was introduced to them with Crash Course which had a wonderful webisode about different civilizations and how no one ever expected the Mongols, again and again. They've gone a bit down the rabbit hole with their progressive think, but for the most part, Crash Course Astronomy was the pinnacle for me. Started off at the molecular level and every episode after that went a step further into space. Really quite fascinating stuff and well done.

It ended though, but PBS EONS caught my attention. Here's their latest.


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