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Parallels Desktop now running natively on M1 mac

at 20:46 - 12th, May 2021
This reminds me so much of the G3's and G4's back in the day and trying all sorts of emulators to get windows running back then.

After sixteen major releases, you might think there’s not much left to be added to Parallels Desktop – and for the vast majority of Mac users who are still using Intel CPUs, there isn’t. For them, this update to the popular virtualisation software tidies up a few bugs and adds support for the latest version of the Linux kernel, but that’s largely it. Overall it’s not even consequential enough to warrant a full ticking up of the version number.

Yet arguably, this is the most significant release of Parallels Desktop since it first appeared in 2006. Just as version one unlocked the potential of Apple’s then-recent switch to the Intel architecture, this one breaks new ground by allowing you to install and run Windows 10 on Apple Silicon.

So there's a catch though. This is basically a virtual machine running Windows 10 but the Windows on ARM version. So programs for windows 10 won't run properly because there is no universal binary for windows programs like there is for mac programs. Seems like the idea of running regular Windows on Mac is going back to the emulation days rather than the more recent virtual machine route.

I am curious though, to see just how good the M1 would be at emulating an x86 architecture. The G3, G4 and especially the G5 were beasts compared to their x86 counterparts back in the day, but emulating the architecture was a slog, even on a top of the line machine.

It truly does bring back feelings of the old days.


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andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1292 | 2:52 - 14th, May 2021

apparently it's not terrible, although have yet to use a M1 Mac. Because it's emulating and no running natively, I am a bit skeptical.

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