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But a bigger cage is a good idea because he can have his bed and his litter in it. Apparently if you dont leave any other space, he wont pee on his bed and will have to go in his litter

After 27 years, you can now finally softmod a ps1

at 13:20 - 12th, May 2021
Wow, just wow.

So how do I get a ps1?


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andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1282 | 2:49 - 14th, May 2021

took them long enough to figure this one out. still remember soldering a mod chip to my PS1 way back when. Ended up selling that PS1 to Johnny, I wonder if he still has it. I have one buried in a box somewhere back home, along with a PS2, NES and SNES.

When you visit, you can pick one up at super potato lol (along with any old console/game imaginable)

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4862 | 11:59 - 14th, May 2021

Oh neat! Love the name too.

I've got an SNES in it's original packaging but opened, and a ps2 somewhere. Plus pretty much every other nintendo console you can think of. I even have an everdrive for my n64 so I can play all the games I want. Was thinking of doing something similar for the gamecube but yet to find one.

Got to love MVG though, one of the best youtubers I know. Really interesting videos on the coding and background of games and emulation. Very knowledgeable.

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