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I liked the idea until I realized it was going to be on TV. For some reason it just took a lot out of it for me. Love the idea though, especially since what\'s his name is the star of it. Think he was totally underrated in the movies a

Metro Last Light Redux available for free on epic

at 19:26 - 7th, February 2021
I don't know how many people have the epic launcher - I installed it to get Starwars battlefront but I have a lot of games from the store in there. If you didn't know, Epic gives away free games every week, I think they can do that thanks to all that sweet sweet Fortnite dollary doos.

At any rater, these games aren't always indie games. Sometimes it's the big triple A titles like Starwars Battlefront as I mentioned before. This week, we've got Metro Last Light Redux.

Seriously, all it takes is an epic account which is free to create and then the game is yours forever. Go, do it. Get that account made.

Speaking of Battlefront, it was a 90gig download which was took less time to play, decide it was a terrible game and uninstall it compared to how long it took to download. Seriously, a piece of garbage.


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