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oh of the site!

Maze Runner Scorch Trials kiss scene

at 18:37 - 2nd, October 2015
Did anyone else think that Brenda looked suspiciously like someone else when Thomas was on peyote in the club and Brenda comes to him and they kiss?

I present to you exhibit A: Brenda

Brenda from Scorch Trials

And now I present you exhibit B: The shnoz berries taste like shnoz berries

Super Troopers College kid 3

I couldn't look at her the same once I realized who she reminded me of. But, good news is she actually looks like this:

Rosa Salazar


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andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1313 | 19:04 - 4th, Oct 2015

Yeah there is definitely a resemblance!

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