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That should\'t be a problem. I think a bit earlier might be a good idea since we want to meet alex at 8:30 and i have a tendency to get lost. I was thinking of leaving at 7:30.

Godzilla trailered

at 18:06 - 25th, February 2014

This looks mighty decent compared to the last travesty that they called Godzilla. Seems to be they're going the route of only showing the giant leezard at the very end. Almost on the same level as Cloverfield, God I love Cloverfield.

Think Taco Bell is going to get in on the marketing again? Maybe bring back the chiwawa? I hope not, I hated that bloody dog.


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andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1363 | 12:56 - 26th, Feb 2014


Honestly, I'm getting confused between this, Cloverfield & Pacific Rim. At least this one doesn't seem to have any Matthew Broderick

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