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History of the Nintendo Gamecube

at 16:25 - 4th, February 2014
As far as consoles go, the Nintendo Gamecube is one of the most underrated consoles ever. It was a marred development from the very beginning because of the Nintendo64 and the partnerships Nintendo had formed during that era in the console wars. On top of that, Nintendo had a very hard time shaking its 'kiddie' image because of how the powers that be at Nintendo considered their company. Nintendo always considered themselves a toy company, not an electronics or even a media company like Sony and even Microsoft did during that same era.

The Gamecube was my favourite console, even more so than the SNES because it innovated on so many levels, in both hardware and the software that was released. But as I mentioned before, the console had a lot of issues even before it was released. A lot of issues.

I've had this website open in my browser for the longest while. It has a rundown of the Gamecube's history from when it was a twinkle in the engineers' eyes up until it was officially discontinued years later. If you're a console fan like me, and love the background stories behind major events then this is definitely worth a read.

I find a some things in particular very interesting, like the fact that Nintendo had plans to go with the same company that developed the Nintendo64 hardware but after that company was mismanaged to hell and the original staff left to form another company, Nintendo decided to go with the new company and was sued by the old company to try and stop the process.

There's a lot about the PR problems Nintendo had too. They just couldn't shake the kiddie image, even when they produced games like Eternal Darkness. This influenced the price cuts and the lack of third party software and support.

Anyway, really a very interesting read, so check out A Dolphin’s Tale: The Story of GameCube.


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