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and not many people still don;t have ds'. i wonder how it will sell, what with economic crisis and most kids already owning at least one ds.

Blackberry up for sale?

at 17:44 - 13th, August 2013
This was kind of surprising to me considering how popular their new phones have been. Not a Samsung or iPhone, granted, but still pretty good. I mean, sure you guys have been complaining about the phone having issues every update but I've used here in the office and have honestly thought about going with a Blackberry as my next phone.The UI is just so nice compared to android and even iOS.

From The Star

“This is an SOS. It’s basically, save or sell,” says Queen’s University School of Business professor John-Kurt Pliniussen. “It is no longer business as usual — it is in a six-month period of transition.”

Ok, that's a little drastic, basically what's happening is they're looking for investors more than anything else, but selling the whole company is not off the board as an option.

I hope blackberry doesn't go anywhere and continues producing great products.

Funny sotry, I was talking to Pat on facebook about this and his first comment was something on the lines of "and then there were 2...", he doesn't even count MS in this race. I wonder how this is affecting Nokia since they bet the house on MS and windows phone 8 as the new OS for phones.


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js js
News comment 1 | User comment 1052 | 1:51 - 14th, Aug 2013

From what i've read on other sites, they may try to make the company private instead of a publicly traded company. They also haven't ruled out licensing the OS to other manufacturers, but not sure how well that would go.

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4968 | 7:44 - 14th, Aug 2013

I think those are much better ideas than selling outright. I mean it could always backfire like it did with Apple licensing their OS to other companies in the 90's , but you never know.

When Apple did it, they didn't gain any marketshare in the computer industry, they actually lost it because all these suppliers started eating away at Apple's own marketshare. The 3rd parties' computers were cheaper and faster than Apple's own Macs.

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