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ahh i see. i like puzzlee games too but not as much as i like murder. i can definately say if that was on a handheld i would play it... but i dont relly want to sit on my couch while playing it

SCCG walls up in 2 days!

at 16:54 - 28th, June 2013
Next stop, level 2! The walls are already here just waiting for the crew to come put them up.

SCCG is going up!


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Welcome to St. Kitts
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andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1363 | 20:12 - 29th, Jun 2013

interesting how the walls appear to be mostly pre-fab without any other support (as far as I can tell). In montreal, they tend to build all the concrete stuff first (floors, support columns & ceilings), then install the pre-fabricated walls. I'm no engineer though - just have always been interested in this kind of stuff

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