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Spiderman on Tuesday ?

Introducing the Tactus tactile keyboard for tablets and smart phones

at 11:01 - 9th, January 2013

Tactus Technology is the developer of a breakthrough dynamic user interface for CE, mobile and automotive devices -- completely transparent physical buttons that rise up from a touchscreen surface on demand.

Now that you watched the video, how cool is that? I heard about it a while ago and I think Samsung was showing something at an electronics show in Japan last year or year before that. I've always found that I preferred the keyboard on my Samsung Hype, or a Blackberry to the digital display on an iPhone or any other smartphone for that matter.

diagram showing how tactus works

From what I can tell it's basically a kind of hydraulic system. There's a liquid in the device that is pushed between tiny holes where the keys would be on the keyboard. Pretty ingenious if you ask me, but also raises some questions like what prevents the liquid from spreading to form bigger bubbles? What protects the rest of the device from the liquid?


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