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Same here, I could have done without that picture.

Finally some Apple news I can get behind

at 18:54 - 7th, November 2012
I'm really tired of hearing about iphone this and ipad that. They're inferior products compared to what's out there and I'm especially upset at the fact that they are also Apple's main focus now. I'm a "die hard" Apple Computer guy, but am completely against the direction the iPhone and iPad are taking Apple.

Recently Apple shook up their executives a bit a played musical chairs. This is a major thing because they got rid of a very bad egg, at least a very bad egg in my opinion. I don't work at Apple, I don't know the politics at Apple aside from what is publicly available online and I have no idea what the working conditions are like at Apple under previous or current management. That's not what interests me. Apple's products interest me, more specifically the Mac, its operating system and the apps for the operating system. This is why this news is huge for me.

Scott Forstall fired by Apple

This is Scott Forstall. Recently Apple (Tim Cook?) got rid of Scott Forstall. He was the lead on iOS and all things related, including the iPhone and iPad. Why is his firing a good thing? First because Scott was a big proponent for skeuomorphism. Personally, I can't stand it, neither can a lot of people at Apple, including Jonny Ive. It really removes what a computer is and is supposed to do by adding a style or layer of unnecessary design to any application. It also breaks any uniformity that existed before iOS became big. Originally it was really just part of iOS but since 10.6 or 10.7 Apple started bringing elements of iOS into OS X, they started bringing elements of skeuomorphism as well.

iCal in Mac OS X

Design choices like the one made for iCal have been creeping on Mac. It was a big deal when everything started becoming brushed metal, and then finally settling on "dark aqua" or polished metal. All of which are pretty bad if you ask me. This is one area where Microsoft seems to be doing things a little better. Forget for a second "Metro". Aero may not necessarily be better than aqua but at least it's uniform all throughout the system.

So more recently Apple and Tim Cook announced that Scott's task would be divided between 3 people but most importantly all design now falls under Jonny Ive. That's OS design as well as well as hardware design. I think Jonny does a great job and it's good to think that one person will have creative control like this.

Tim Cook and Jon Ive

It was also revealed today that things are going back the way they were when Steve Jobs was around; Jobs/Ive in charge of will be handling everything products while Cook will be taking care of operations. Does this mean that Apple will get back to how it was to its pre-iPhone days? Hardly, the iPhone has too much a hold on Apple to take second place, even when it comes to design issues, but it does mean things are going to be organized a little bit better.


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js js
News comment 1 | User comment 1051 | 23:34 - 7th, Nov 2012

Have you heard that apple is testing Arm processors for the PC and laptop computers now and they might replace the intel chips.

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4957 | 1:32 - 8th, Nov 2012

I saw that today, I think it's great news because brings them back to their routes of being directly involved with every aspect of their computers as well as being a more niche product again. They really need to get more power out of those arm cpus though. Clock speeds are too low to do anything useful, especially in the creative space that Mac is known for.

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