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I find that it's usually the lighting that gives it away most times. Watching the Corridor Crew really highlights a lot of problems with Hollywood CG, especially with gun flashes. I was first introduced to them with their "XXX reacts"

Trance Fridays #132 - Chicane - 1000 mile stare

at 12:32 - 27th, April 2012
I was really contemplating not posting anything today because life in the last little while hit me harder than i expected.

Up until yesterday I've been listening to alternative music, some might think this isn't a big deal but to me it is because for the last 2-3 years my taste in music shifted dramatically towards electronic music. So much so that I had trouble listening to anything else. Used to drive the people around me crazy. I blame Bal en Blanc and the events surrounding it for my lack in interest in trance.

Yesterday I was having someone listen to some music, some trance music. People here don't appreciate it nearly as much as people in the rest of the world. But in showing this song to her it brought back a lot of what I loved about trance and got me back on the ball so to speak.

Anyway, a bit of a departure for me from the typical type of music that I show off here. This Chicane and 1000 mile stare. somewhat of a chill mix, good for lounging.


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