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Rebuild 2

at 14:28 - 20th, October 2011
Awesome, they've released a sequel to the strategy flash game Rebuild. The original is here.

This is a nice upgrade for the game. They've added a lot to the system, like now any refuge can become more than one job at a time, and those jobs have levels. They use the same tiles for the "world map" but have added some extra tiles like the helipad, the cinema, metro station and super markets.

Rebuild 2 Map

While we're one graphics, let me mention also that character portraits have been added for that extra bit of familiarity with your characters. The can also hold items which help them in their roles, like a pistol or shotgun for the soldiers, megaphone for the leaders and more I haven't found yet. On top of that, the dogs that were found in the original which boosted moral also serve a second purpose now, they can go on missions with your people and act as weapons or items. I like this, a very nice touch.

Rebuild 2 portraits and stats

Added also are "random" encounters which add story to the game, like guztav and his whores or the mad scientist.

Literally, the game is exactly the same but with more stuff, making it better.

The only issue I have with it is the music, and they make a big deal of the music. The first game's music sounded better in my opinion, it was more sinister while being true to zombie movies and games. The new music is this, but just more annoying for some reason, for the most part I feel it just doesn't fit.

One last thing, I'm not sure if I just didn't know what I was doing but the game seems a lot harder as well. While on "normal" it took me 30 turns and my city was swamped taken over by the undead. Easy, on the other hand, seems to be very easy.

Go play the game here:

• Alex


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