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State of the Mac Finder

at 11:57 - 28th, December 2010
I hate the finder.

Ok, that's pretty harsh, I don't actually hate the finder, but it does annoy me, a lot. So much so that in the past I've looked for ways to bypass the Finder. In the past I've used applications like Path Finder to try and get a better solution to the problem. But even Path Finder itself was bulky and a pain to use.

Path Finder Mac

On top of that I couldn't get it to automatically load PathFinder and kill the finder when I booted my Mac despite it having options for that. So it lost points there. And forget about replacing the finder icon in the dock. Maybe the new version is better, haven't tried it yet.

Let's take a step back and ask the question: what is wrong with the finder? Why do I dislike it so much?

Snow Leopard Finder

Mainly because it's terrible for networking and despite it being an Apple product and having a huge focus on usability it has some short comings compared to Windows. What? shortcomings to Windows?! blasphemy!

In windows you can right click and drag files with the option to copy, move or expand (if zipped) to the new location. You can't do that on mac, and it frustrates me because i still use a mouse, I love the mouse despite apple thinking it's antiquated technology.

As for networking on the mac, God, don't even get me started. It's terrible, and I openly admit that Windows far outpaces Mac in this area. Now I connect to PC's through the finder so this shortcoming I blame the finder. If anyone can prove me otherwise, I'll gladly change my mind about it.

But Apple is slowly catching on and fixing these issues, though it doesn't seem like a main priority since the release of the iPhone but that's a debate for another day.

So what is a user left to do?

We can download programs like Tinkertool or Total Finder. Both are addons for the finder and bring some of that functionality that we're missing. It's not going to make you love your finder more than you already do but it will help. Tinkertool also has a lot of tools to change other things in the OS and applications as well.

Tinkertool for Mac

Total Finder is a little of a mystery to me since I haven't installed it yet. This post was actually something to help me remember to install it later today when I get home. From their website:

Otherwise, we could wait and pray for the next version of the OS to rewrite the finder a bit, but that's unlikely. It's just not a priority for the mac to be part of the corporate environment.

Apple seems to have other plans for the iPad and iPhone. and whats worse is it looks like we're going to be seeing elements of the iOS in the Tiger's version of the Finder.

Mac os x tiger

Mac OS X tiger finder 2

Is this the death of the Finder? I don't want to have less control over my computer. If I did, I'd be using an iPad, like my grandmother. It's things like this that make me think about switching to Ubuntu or some other linux distribution. Then I remember how crappy Linux actually is.

A little flashback: some might disagree with me, but I loved the old classic finder. It was terrible back in the day and by today's standards it's absolutely horrendous, but a get a little nerdgasm when I boot up my quicksilver mac with os9 on it to play some old games.

Mac os 9 Finder

• Alex


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