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Oh and Fable 2 is another big one as it was a triple a title. Galaga sequel and of course more casual via live with the gameshow type games. Maybe if your lucky Nintendo will announce you can read your roms from the fla

EA enters the Wii hockey rink with Slapshot

at 13:16 - 31st, May 2010
Ea is finally making a hockey game for a nintendo console again. there isn't much detail about it yet except for the control scheme. oh and it also has the great one on the cover and in the game, thankyouverymuch.

so now i'm stuck on which to buy, the 2k game or the EA one.

i would imagine the controls can be reverted back to classic remote. the picture also describes exactly what you'll be playing with.

Wayne Gretzky Slapshot wii

no wii motion plus support concerns me though.

anyway, looking forward to seeing video of what it'll be like.

• Alex


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