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they're adorable though, especially the tiny one on piano, makes me want one.

Alex has no internet at home

at 8:44 - 28th, May 2010
So we started packing yesterday, vikie is a machine when it comes to packing.
in the process we packed up our office and most of the troublesome stuff in the kitchen. since the office is packed i also packed the internet into a box and stored it away.

I'll be moving these boxes to my new place tonight while vikie finishes what she can, then after all the boxes are moved, i'll had back to the old place, dismantle some things like my table and whatever else needs taking apart and we'll head off to the new place.

if you need to get in touch with me call my cell phone.
also, i have no more home line. getting a dry loop for my crappy (and more expensive) internet.
so, until i see you guys tomorrow, my only line of communication is the site and email (until the end of work today) and my cell phone.

• Alex


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