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Hehe, yeah, I don\'t do video podcasts. Although, I figure if the audio content is good, then I could just listen to a video podcast. I haven\'t really run into any yet. And I\'ve got plenty of time for podcasts, my one-way commute to

Trance Fridays #32 - Yenn - Monzen - Kyau & Albert

at 0:00 - 26th, February 2010

i call this a persistent beat. i think, to me a least, it exemplifies what techno and trance is. sure it's nice to have the vocals from time but it's also great to keep it basic and fun.

of note, above and beyond did not mix or change this, it's just from trance around the world and as far as i can tell it's the clean version. it was part of Kyau & Albert's guest mix on the show.

• Alex


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