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Trance Fridays #25 - Paul Van Dyk Home (Cosmic Gate Mix)

at 0:00 - 8th, January 2010
With the recent party i went to, i thought it appropriate to award this week's Trance Friday to best of show.

With the likes of Mistress Barbara, Second Sun, Dj Kal, Uppercut, Above and Beyond and Paul Van Dyk in the lineup, this was an amazing show. Then on top of that, we had an incredible light show. Not so much lazers but what was behind the dj's.

This week's Trance Friday goes to Paul Van Dyk for an absolutely incredible show.

below are videos of the light show.
Unofficial 2 sec video of Above and Beyond:

official 'teaser' by the organizers

another unofficial video, this time of Paul van dyk. it gives you an idea of the screens.

• Alex


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