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Maxi of all places. Wal-Mart had them on sale so we tried there but gave up as they went too fast. Then yesterday by chance Marie saw that they had some on special at Maxi. So she drove there in the morning around 10am to get one. Only 7 were left.

Habs 3, Islanders 0

at 11:22 - 21st, December 2009

Canadiens logo

the one day i don't catch any of the game...

markov back, first shut out for either of the hab's goalies, and we win.
meanwhile, toronto is one game up on us and 2 points behind. so either the habs are doing worse since the beginning of the season or the leafs are doing better.

stupid no cable by brothers...

• Alex


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Schu Schu
News comment 1 | User comment 370 | 18:35 - 21st, Dec 2009

It was a sloppy game but hey a win's a win. Best thing to cure what ails ya: the Islanders slumping and playing like crap ;D Yea story of the night was 3 powerplay goals 'cause the rest didn't connect...(or the Islanders took a penalty to prevent a goal...which didn't work out in the end anyway).

MARKOV GOT TWO GOALS~~~! That's what we were missing on all those powerplays... when he sneaks in behind everyone. It's amazing how no one sees him, ever. Well, his second goal was funny. He was aiming for like a good hour and everyone was just looking at him. Right over Biiiiron's shoulder.

Leafs are like the Islanders: living off loser points. I wouldn't look into it. Watched their games sometimes when it's either commercial break or there's nothing on... The guy on the radio said they're entertaining... HOW? They play terrible hockey. Entertaining hockey is the Blackhawks, or the Caps, or when the Habs play wide open. Leafs hockey is a comedy of errors...

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