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Yea, I haven't spoken to him in a while. Just messaged him on steam, wonder what he's been up to.

"new" Lufia Game for Nintendo DS

at 12:11 - 19th, November 2009
Straight from Famitsu

Lufia 2 remake ds

i was excited about this until i read further in the article.
Last week, it was announced that Square Enix would be bringing back the Lufia series, known as Estpolis in Japan. However, we didn't know the platform. Now, Famitsu has confirmed that the game will be heading to what seems to be Square-Enix's go-to console, the Nintendo DS.

Estpolis: The Land Cursed by Gods will actually be a remake of the classic Lufia 2, adding 3D graphics and voice acting. The action will be on the top screen, with the bottom screen used for a map, as well as to switch out party members. It'll also be developed by Neverland, who worked on the previous games for Taito.

The game is set for release in Japan on February 25th.

now it's not that the 2nd game was a bad game, it just wasn't anywhere near as good as the first. and very linear to boot. but now it'll be in 3d, and by the looks of it, it looks great and with voice acting!? sweet jebuz!

i hope we can turn off the voice acting, but the game does actually look really nice

• Alex


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