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China washing a japanese character then :P

Hockey Talk - Montreal v Pittsburgh

at 11:34 - 29th, October 2009
6 to 1. 6 to 1...
this is the difference between Price and Halak. both are good. but when Price is in net and the team needs him he's usually there . 6 to 1...

another bag skate in order?

i didn't watch most of the game, had some work to do. what were the line ups like? who was Dags with? and is metro still sick?

• Alex


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Schu Schu
News comment 1 | User comment 370 | 16:40 - 2nd, Nov 2009

Jaro too short to deal with Crosby. I'll talk more later. But yea, Metro and Gomez and a few others were with the flu. I'm hoping they left presents ;D

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