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I got one thinking it would be cool. But what have they done honestly. Next big thing is a scale to tell me my weight. Whoopy fucking doo. Innovation at its best. Its a niche system for families and old people. Nothing else till I see some real game

Trance Fridays #11 Solarity - Long 41

at 9:32 - 2nd, October 2009
to be pretty honest, things have been so hectic here at work that i had completely forgotten about this weeks trance friday. it wasn't until my friend, maj, next to me asked me what this weeks song is. she got me to look into Poirier Sound but sorry maj, it's just not trance enough. actually, it's not trance at all. that and i get enough of that kind of music when i go to st kitts ;)

the song is pretty simplistic, one beat on top of another. starts off real slow then at 2 minutes in it just takes off. kind of odd, it's two minutes exactly, so almost as if it was planned to be that way and not just a random fluke. beat calms down again for a bit and then we're hit with another wave. fantastic song.

• Alex


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