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meh, your right. i'm trying to 'unjustify' the mini to myself i like the mini, i just don't like the cost. though maybe they've gone down in price on ebay now.

Who still has a DS

at 7:58 - 19th, August 2009
i still play my ds when i have the time, even when i have all these wonderful new wii titles to play.
when i'm not at home and i have my ds, or sometimes while in bed before going to sleep i've started playing this.

it's like a mix between chrono trigger and final fantasy 6 / 3 (whichever version you like to call it)

my only issue thus far is the battle system is a little slow, even with it sped up to max.
but there are combo attacks between party members and some great little animations for the characters. the game has some spunk, should check it out.

• Alex


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