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that is some serious dedicated.. impressive!

Apple Back To School Special

at 10:53 - 29th, May 2009

Apple back to school special 2009

for those not in the know, Apple has a tradition of having back to school specials around this time until september 18 or 19th. if your looking for a new machine and are interested in a mac now would be the time to get. buy any mac and buy an ipod and get a mail in form generally for the price of the ipod. the list above shows the money back.

typically you'd need to be a student or need to be faculty to get the discount, but after working at the computer store for a while i know that, concordia at least, is willing to sell people computers as long as the name on the receipt is the student or faculty. who actually pays for it doesn't matter and where it goes after doesn't matter.

if you have an ipod or iphone already think on this, the money you make back from the ipod mail in can go towards the price of the mac (being 229 discount) and you can sell the ipod to make even more money. also makes a great gift for christmas or a birthday for someone who needs a new ipod.

keep in mind though, that the macs on sale now will probably be refreshed after the sale. not upgraded like new designs and what not, just a minor speed bump or speed decrease with cpu upgrade. so if your going to buy, go in knowing that.

• Alex


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js js
News comment 1 | User comment 1052 | 11:57 - 29th, May 2009

By rebate amount, do you mean the price after rebate. Because if there's a 199$ rebate on the nano 16GB, that would make it 20$. If it's that price i'll pick up about 20 and use them as birthday and christmas gifts for everyone.

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4968 | 12:20 - 29th, May 2009

no, you misunderstand. you have to buy a mac and an ipod at the same time to get the mail in rebate.
but yes, once you mail in the rebate you have basically paid 20 bucks plus taxes for certain ipods. others, like the nano and shuffle you'd just pay the taxes on.

js js
News comment 3 | User comment 1052 | 14:22 - 29th, May 2009

That makes more sense.

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