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know if it\'s a Jasper chip?
- Alex on xbox

Kingdom Hearts 365/2 trailer leaked

at 11:03 - 21st, May 2009
bad quality but the song just makes me so happy :)

i've never played the series, watched christophe through most of the first 2 and thought it was bloody monotonous, but the story (minus all the disney and squaresoft cameo's) was interesting. and the longer the series goes on the more intricate it seems to get. i'm looking forward to this very much.

• Alex


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js js
News comment 1 | User comment 1052 | 12:45 - 21st, May 2009

That song was actualy in the opening from the KH2. I downloaded it a while ago, it is very nice.

Tried to post the better video for it on gametrailers, but the embed code was too long.

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4968 | 13:00 - 21st, May 2009

hmm, maybe i'll up the limit on comments

yea, i had both versions of this (english and jap) on my ipod
love the video above. really gives the sense of epicness.

this video always makes me think of this

Curt Curt
News comment 3 | User comment 281 | 21:52 - 23rd, May 2009

Hehe, I was just about to post that video!


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