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why on earth would they do that?

Predictions for playoffs

at 11:31 - 16th, April 2009
So EA has predicted that the Boston Bruins are going to win the cup.
I've played
EA's hockey games, it's all about stats and so far the bruins are number 1 in almost everything and so it doesn't surprise me.

personally i hope they don't win, i despise the bruins. I also don't think the habs will go farther than the first round though. No, my top picks are the Canadian teams, and i think Calgary will make it pretty far. vancouver relies on luongo too much.

• Alex


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Deb Deb
News comment 1 | User comment 352 | 23:01 - 18th, Apr 2009

OHHHH ALEX>>> THAT WAS A PAINFUL GAME!!!!! how could the canadians do it!!!!!!

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