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Possible new iPhone, AT&T 3G netbook

at 10:51 - 24th, March 2009
With the recent talk on site about people's interest in the netbook model of pc's, i thought this might be of interest to some of you.

AT&T new netbook

Boygenius is reporting

We can’t tell you where or who, but pretty high up in AT&T’s food chain, the following was reported to be said:

  • New iPhone announcement around mid-June (duh)

  • New iPhone will be faster and have a more seamless experience unmatched by any device (could be just talking about 3.0, but we think it’s also a new iPhone)

  • U-Verse iPhone application; will allow control of your home DVR (play, pause, rewind, etc.)

  • The annual iPhone launch is “becoming a tradition.”

  • Nothing official is being confirmed, but they said that people should prep for an exciting time this summer.

  • AT&T is said to be working with Apple to create a unified product with an unparalleled experience across all their products and services.

  • Apple’s 3.0 software should tell us where the iPhone platform is going… uh, k?

  • They said customers shouldn’t need to choose from AT&T’s high-end devices because of features, they should choose based on preferences. The gap in capability should be filled with the new iPhone. Ok, bets on slide out QWERTY, autofocus camera, video sharing, blah blah?

  • Seems like the higher speed HSDPA (7.2Mbps) is being hinted at too which should confirm the earlier rumors of the new Infineon chipset.

  • The $99 3G netbook will start selling this summer, and the first one won’t be a Windows OS.

For clarification, the above is 100% confirmed.

which os could it be then? the only way that apple's os is going on a netbook is if at&t subsidizes the cost of the device when you sign a contract. is possible, but i'm not sure on the logistics of it. never even checked out the deals on iphones here in montreal because it was more than i want from a cell phone. if it's not appleOS and it is such a low price, i would bet it to be some derivative of linux, which one though? google maybe? or maybe even palmOS but i haven't seen anything palm has done regarding netbook's yet.

• Alex


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