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how would you suggest getting more people to join? the way I see it, there are too few news items on the main page, and its mostly about video games, so it limits somewhat the potential "clientele" .. i know finding stuff to post isn't

Andy, find us some Ramen Shops

Posted at 18:57 - 9th, October 2019 by Alex Alex
This is what I want to do when I come to Japan!

Andy, get ready!

andrew - also, totally dragging you here :D

New Jurassic World trailer of sorts

Posted at 9:48 - 6th, October 2019 by Alex Alex
Was anyone aware of this?

I'll be honest, this looks pretty good and is an interesting take on the story line.

Trance Fridays #324 - Lane 8 Brightest Light Feat Polica

Posted at 21:33 - 3rd, October 2019 by Alex Alex
Not really trance but Lane 8's music brings back some very good memories of what this kind of music used to do to me. I adore Lane 8. I could get lost in posting his work as Trance Fridays, and he has such a catalogue...

I'd love to see him live. Every time I leave the rock I check to see if he's where I'm going to be when I get there. What's worse is that he was actually in Montreal the last time I was there too, just a couple days after I left unfortunately.

It's a quiet, progressive almost house-ey kind of tune but it's what I'm fixated on right now. The vocals are soft, hypnotic and almost sad but the beat is cheerful and plays a stark contrast when you think about it.

There will definitely be more Lane 8 coming, and even another one feat Polica.

Posting news works again

Posted at 20:55 - 2nd, October 2019 by Alex Alex
Posting news works again. There have been some changes though.

  • No more private posts

  • No more blog posts or gaming posts for now

More to come later when things settle and I have time to actually think about this kind of stuff. But in the meantime you can start posting stuff again.

This is just a test sticky

Posted at 0:00 - 30th, September 2019 by Alex Alex
This is just a test sticky

Test sticky

Posted at 0:00 - 7th, March 2017 by Alex Alex
Tags: Stickies, site update, test

Site Update: Work recommences!

Posted at 22:57 - 2nd, March 2017 by Alex Alex
Tags: site updates, programming, tutorials, statistics, traffic, embarrassing state of the site
Alex - Oh my god, finally found and fixed a graphic glitch that was plaguing the comments section...

Trance Fridays #323 - ATTLAS - Aspen

Posted at 0:00 - 6th, May 2016 by Alex Alex
Tags: trance fridays, progressive house, progressive trance, basil o'glue, ATTLAS, Aspen
Alex - Dude, I haven't listened to new music in years aside from this guy named Lane 8. I'm just ...

Extra Credit: Propaganda Game

Posted at 23:25 - 22nd, December 2015 by js js
Tags: Extra Credit, Sesame Credit, China
js - Yeah, that's why it can be pretty insidious. It's not seen as a negative, because it's us...

Ohio Replaces lethal injections with a new machine

Posted at 8:52 - 14th, December 2015 by js js
js - (media inside)

uncanny Vally

Posted at 20:59 - 13th, December 2015 by js js
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js - Sigh, the title is suppose to be Uncanny Valley

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