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should be free on sat

Music to listen to

Posted at 20:53 - 26th, June 2023 by Alex Alex
Always in my search for new music I decided to pump Yoko Kanno into Pandora and see what came up. Surprisingly a lot of Attack on Titan for some reason, which wasn't a bad thing. The music is great and always makes me want to watch the anime. Well worth it.

But this rock / Alternative band called Asian Kung-Fu Generation keeps coming up. It's weird cause if they weren't singing in Japanese and had such an anime-esque sound to it, they could be any other rock/alternative band from canada or the states. It's really odd, but in a nice way.

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Alex - Even though the video is live action it still looks anime...

Mario Wonder Trailer

Posted at 20:41 - 23rd, June 2023 by Alex Alex
It's official, Mario is addicted to drugs.

Alex - I've played mario rpg so many times without beting it that I'd be ok with paying for this

Matt Stone and Trey Parker bought and are fixing up Casa Bonita, the real casa bonita

Posted at 18:17 - 22nd, June 2023 by Alex Alex

A little bit of history - The Great Hurricane of 1780

Posted at 17:45 - 19th, June 2023 by Alex Alex
Credit where credit is due, my mom sent this to me and finally got a chance to read it.

In the year of our Lord 1780, the Almighty reminded us of his power by sending a hurricane the likes that the Atlantic and Caribbean have never seen before in recorded memory.

Take this with a grain of salt because they didn't have the tools to measure these things like we do now, but the level of devastation, loss of life cannot and historically relevant impact this played on the world cannot be ignored. We'll get to the historical impact shortly, bear with me.

In 1780, a hurricane formed off the cost of Africa and tore towards across the Atlantic picking up a tremendous amount of strength before hitting, the eye of the storm barely missing Barbados. The level of destruction was unheard of at the time.

After dealing with Barbados, the storm continued to the southern Caribbean hitting St. Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Guadaloupe, St. Kitts, Statia, Antigua and heading north to Florida, passing directly over Puerto Rico in the process. The eye hit Puerto Rico hard, very very hard. To the point of them naming the storm about 200 years before they started naming storms.

After Florida, it continued north and caused havoc in Canada, I kid you not.

From a Dutch sea-officer who was blown from statia to Martinique in the storm.
A short while ago it pleased the Lord Almighty to show us his power. Here we had from 12 to 22 October of this year a very fierce wind & a heavy see that ruined a lot of houses and warehouses, yes even many ships were wrecked and many people were killed. The wall has been completely washed away by the sea and the back of the house has been left only on single struts, yes it was so heavy that the sea flew over our house but we may thank the Lord for his mercy that we have come off so well.

From the attorney general of Guadeloupe
The gale of wind which happened on the 12th Oct. was the most severe perhaps ever known. Barbadoes suffered amazingly, 6500 souls perished. Tobago laid waste, Grenades, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Martinique, suffered more than any person can conceive. St. Kitts and Eustatia, did not escape without damage: this island did but just feel it.

This was a hell of a storm.

Apparently, estimates of the death toll from the hurricane range from 22,000 to about 28,500, making it the deadliest hurricane in the recorded history of the Atlantic hurricane basin.

Such a loss of life is incredible, but what about that historical impact I mentioned before? Well, 1780 was around America's war of independence from the British right? Historical records show that the British navy was moored all over the Caribbean preparing for the war, supplies, men, arms you name it. The fleet was crushed by the storm:

Among the ships lost from Rodney's fleet were the frigates HMS Phoenix, which was wrecked on the Cuban coast, and HMS Blanche, which disappeared without a trace. The sixth rate frigates HMS Andromeda and HMS Laurel were wrecked on Martinique with heavy loss of life. By far the worst losses in the British fleet, however, were under the command of Vice Admiral Peter Parker and Rear-Admiral Joshua Rowley. At the time of the hurricane, Rowley was off the coast of New York with a portion of the fleet, including HMS Sandwich, while Parker was in Port Royal, Jamaica. Many of their ships, however, were in the hurricane's path. HMS Thunderer, HMS Stirling Castle, HMS Scarborough, HMS Barbados, HMS Deal Castle, HMS Victor, and HMS Endeavour were lost, among others, and almost all of their crews died. Seven other ships were dismasted.

In a sense, you could say that America was able to fight back the British because they didn't receive the supplies and reinforcements that they were meant to get because everything was destroyed in the Caribbean. Basically, America is a sovereign nation now due to this massive hurricane.

The more you know.

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andrew - that was really interesting, thanks for sharing!

Edge send image links to microsoft

Posted at 4:15 - 15th, June 2023 by Alex Alex
Interesting little finding about the Edge browser sending image links back home for their "Super resolution enhancer" or whatever they call it.

Edge has a built-in image enhancement tool that, according to Microsoft, can use “super-resolution to improve clarity, sharpness, lighting, and contrast in images on the web.” Although the feature sounds exciting, recent Microsoft Edge Canary updates have provided more information on how image enhancement works.

The browser now warns that it sends image links to Microsoft instead of performing on-device enhancements.

The biggest problem with Edge’s “super-resolution” and other questionable services is that it is enabled by default. Therefore, unaware users automatically give the browser permission to send pictures to Microsoft for processing and enhancement.

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andrew - ENHANCE!

World's smallest Gamecube - The GameCube Nano

Posted at 16:18 - 13th, June 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: modding console, mods, hardware, nintendo, gamecube, gamecube nano, macho nacho productions
Alex - Oh, everdrive. I have one for my n64. best investment for the console, hands down. Will ev...

Florida Man

Posted at 18:48 - 12th, June 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: bite marks, kinky, bacteria, florida man
Alex - The wet heat maybe? Or maybe it's like the old witch hunts during the 1800...

Final Fantasy VII - Rebirth

Posted at 1:23 - 11th, June 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: Final Fantasy VII, FF7, SquareEnix, episodic, RPG
Alex - What are you running on now? Still got a macbook pro or did you upgrade to m1/2?

"New" Sonic the Hedgehog game - Sonic Superstars

Posted at 18:06 - 9th, June 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: sonic the hedgehog, sega, nintendo switch, sony playstation, microsoft xbox, steam, epic games store
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js - Looks interesting. I was a nintendo kid, so haven't had much opportunity to play sonic, b...

Apple VR / AR headset

Posted at 14:00 - 6th, June 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: apple, vision pro, facebook, meta, metaverse, augmented reality, virtual reality, visionOS
Alex - As for the motion sickness, there are two relatively easy fixes. In this V...

Favorite things on site

Posted at 14:24 - 5th, June 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: memories, history, people, posts, site news
Alex - That's cool. Ale and I bought a house in the neighborhood I always had my eye on. It's kin...

Super Mario Bros. Movie

Posted at 11:06 - 2nd, May 2023 by andrew andrew
Alex - Oh man, what else could they have put in that movie... are there any chain chomps? ...

Buying a vehicle in St. Kitts

Posted at 17:45 - 18th, April 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: buying a car, buying a car in st. kitts, importing a car to st kitts
Alex - There are a couple of people selling used cars as a profession here but they know they can...

WD MyCloud EX2 hit by .Checkmate ransomeware

Posted at 15:43 - 27th, February 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: NAS, checkmate, ransomware, Western Digital, WD, SSD, HDD, tech stuff
andrew - I don't know the WD products at all, the Synology NASes are pretty solid, we use these at ...

Sea of Stars - Nintendo Switch announcement

Posted at 19:20 - 25th, January 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: Nintendo, sea of stars, trailers, xbox, playstation, chrono trigger, golden eye, quebec
Alex - There's a resurgence of games like this now. Christophe had told me about another, I'll tr...

Sorry for lack of content

Posted at 14:52 - 17th, October 2022 by Alex Alex
Tags: Personal news, site updates, houses, cars, boats, trains, babies, planes
Alex - A possible solution would be array_keys() which I'll need to look into. Reg...