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That makes more sense, although you\'d want drives and a router that supports USB 3 if you\'re going to daisy chain the drives. the TL-WDR4300 only has 2 usb 2.0 connections. That\'d be fine if you were only adding 2 drives depending on the usage.

Particular problems with dual booting M1 Macs

Posted at 14:05 - 23rd, July 2021 by Alex Alex
Here's an interesting and somewhat unique issue that no one foresaw. Apparently if you have any M1 mac (Macbook, MacMini, iMac) and install the newest version of MacOS on it, which upgrades the firmware of the machine, the process has a special admin user that is created that impedes dual booting other OS' on the machine, even other versions of MacOS.
The real question is: is this intentional? Is Apple planning on blocking dual booting on Macs? Is this a developer preview bug?

With my macbook pro nearing actual end of life - not what Apple calls end of life, I was looking into getting another laptop and the idea of possibly getting an new Macbook did occur to me for a travel companion. But the issues just keep increasing with Apple.

Last Week on My Mac: The perils of M1 Ownership

According to the small print in Apple’s Platform Security Guide, when you set up a new M1 Mac, or set one up after restoring it in DFU mode, the primary admin account created is special: it’s the Owner account of that Mac. During that inital setup, the Mac sends a request to Apple for that Mac’s signed Owner Identity Certificate (OIC). This is based on a private key generated in the Secure Enclave known as the Owner Identity Key (OIK).

Each M1 Mac has just a single OIK, and access to that is confined to that primary admin user of the internal SSD, who is thus its Owner. If your M1 is configured with a single macOS boot volume group on its internal SSD, never boots from an external disk, and has no other admin users – a vanilla system – then that’s all transparent.

If you install a second operating system, on internal or external storage, the Owner needs to agree to hand over Ownership to users of that second system. And that’s where problems can occur, with a combination of puzzlement and frustration. Last week, when trying to perform a macOS update on a second operating system on my M1 Mac mini, I only succeeded at the third attempt, after a total of five hours.

It's an interesting little find but only the full release of Big Sur will tell us for certain what direction Apple is actually taking.

Trance Fridays #363 - Ferry Corsten - Indigo

Posted at 19:55 - 22nd, July 2021 by Alex Alex

Trance Fridays #362 - Simon Doty Feat Forest - This time

Posted at 23:23 - 10th, July 2021 by Alex Alex

Macbook pro Late 2011 GPU fix

Posted at 22:58 - 6th, July 2021 by Alex Alex
My late 2011 Macbook Pro finally bit the bullet. The graphic card problems that eventually affect all of that line finally got mine. Apparently, the GPU, an AMD Radeon 3000 HD, is the main problem, or at least a chip on the GPU. It's entirely possible to replace the whole GPU through removing and replacing it with a good one - a process that needs a technician like Louis Rossmann and a working GPU.
    There are a handful of problems with this though
  1. It's time consuming

  2. Parts are difficult to find at this point

  3. Even if you find replacement parts, the defect in the cards in ubiquitous and will happen again given time due to bad design

There is a way to salvage the macbook though!
Apparently, someone found a way to disable the discrete gpu and switch it back to the onboard intel card. God, who'd of thought switching to the on board card would be a good thing...
The process was relatively well known that DosDude01 even made a program to simplify the process, as long as you could get into the OS.

Personally, I found this guy's instructions on YouTube

But for those who don't want to watch the video, here are the instructions:

  1. Turn off the machine

  2. When the machine is completely off, turn it back on and hold Left Shift + Control + Option. The screen is supposed to flash, mine did, his didn't. This resets the SMC.

  3. Now hit turn on the macbook and hold Command + Option + P + R for 2 chimes. This resets the PRAM.

  4. Shut down the computer again, you may need hold the power button depending on your GPU and the what comes on the screen.

  5. If you have a recovery mode turn on the macbook while holding Command + Option + R. This will bring up some kind of prompt for reinstalling the OS, potentially through a network download. I could never get the download to work for me, maybe because I'm Still on 10.10 and Apple is Apple, but not sure. I finally worked around it by holding the Option key on boot and choosing a recovery partition. But only bothered with getting into recovery mode later on, so I skipped to the next step without too much trouble. The dude has the same issue.

  6. Turn on the macbook and hold Command + S to get into Single user Mode. This is basically the Bash prompt before MacOS loads up.

  7. at the prompt enter the following code which will disable the discrete gpu
    nvram fa4ce28d-b62f-4c99-9cc3-6815686e30f9:gpu-power-prefs=%01%00%00%00

  8. Now enable verbose mode to be able to see what's going on
    nvram bott-args="-v"

  9. Before you reboot you'll need to get into the Recovery mode I mentioned above, so on reboot hold Command + Option + R. When ready to reboot just type "reboot" (without the quotes) and hit enter. The graphics are fixed but only temporarily.

  10. We need to disable Crucibal in recovery mode, it will take time depending on your internet connection. The newer OS's have a recovery partition that might be able to boot faster but for some reason mine didn't. Once it's finished loading click next on the language or welcome screen and then in the menu choose utilities and terminal.

  11. In the terminal window, type "csrutil disable" (again without the quotes) and hit enter, this disables the security check for the os.
    This is where it got messy for me. I got command csrutil not found. It took me a while to figure out, but apparently MacOs 10.10 does not have the command. I even tried running it like this: /usr/bin/csrutil. No luck. So for the most part as far as I can tell, it doesn't exist on 10.10. If you hit this problem on another os, you can always run an installer off a usb to get to this same point and run the command and everything should work.

  12. Reboot the Macbook again, if you have the same graphics problems then run the above mentioned steps in single user mode one more time to change the nvram....gpu-power-prefs and then reboot. Now reboot and get back into single user mode.

  13. When you can, type sbin/mount -uw / basically you're mounting and givign writable permission to the root of your hard drive.

  14. Fair warning, you can mess up your macbook from here out so be very careful.

    Now we're going to move some .kext files that reference the AMD card that's died, so we're going to type mkdir -p /System/Library/Extensions-off This creates a backupfolder the files we're going to move.

  15. Now we're going to move the files by typing mv /System/Library/Extenstions/AMDRadeonX3000.kext /System/Library/Extensions-off/

  16. Now we have to touch the folder to make the OS aware of the changes. touch /System/Library/Extensions/

  17. Reboot the machine two or three times to make sure everything is working properly.

  18. It's working, great, let's brings things back to how they were. Reboot into single user mode and undo the verbose command to show all the text on boot up sudo nvram boot-args=""

  19. And if your OS has it, let's reactivate Crucibal. Get back into recovery mode (Command + option + r) open terminal and type this csrutil enable

Congrats, this should make your macbook pro usable again but with a low end graphics card.

Trance Fridays #361 - Filterheadz - Yimanya (Original Mix)

Posted at 16:11 - 29th, June 2021 by Alex Alex
It's been a while, sorry. Been kind of stupid busy with work and life.

Here's a fantastic "classic trance" tune.

Makes me feel like beach parties in Goa.

Introducing Seagate Mach.2

Posted at 19:56 - 26th, May 2021 by Alex Alex
Tags: Seagate, SSD, HDD, hard drives, WD, Western Digital, Tech
Alex - Oh, I've had maybe 2 ssd die on me already, in the 240 or 480 gig range, so not first gen,...

Biden pulls plug on COVID Lab leak investigation

Posted at 13:38 - 26th, May 2021 by Alex Alex
Tags: politics, covid, coronavirus, science, lab leak, pandemic, zerohedge, biden, china, conspiracy
Alex - Damn, I was hoping to see the building sway but the camera work is so shitty you can't rea...

Parallels Desktop now running natively on M1 mac

Posted at 20:46 - 12th, May 2021 by Alex Alex
Tags: M1, apple, ppc, g3, g4, universal binaries, windows, microsoft, windows on arm, ARM, x86, emulation, virtualization
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andrew - apparently it's not terrible, although have yet to use a M1 Mac. Because it's emulating an...

After 27 years, you can now finally softmod a ps1

Posted at 13:20 - 12th, May 2021 by Alex Alex
Tags: playstation, sony, ps1, softmod, mod
Alex - Oh neat! Love the name too. I've got an SNES in it's original packaging but...

Site issues

Posted at 17:14 - 12th, March 2021 by Alex Alex
Tags: site update, siteground, aws, amazon web services
Alex - Got the user page working again, though I want to tweak it a bit more. The way it is now i...