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DragonQuest IX and a ini review of DragonQuest VIII

at 10:50 - 2nd, December 2008

Some new images of the upcoming DragonQuest IX game for the DS from kotaku.




already looking great compared to DQ 8. i'm still playing 8 right now on the ds, while fun, seems a bit long winded, but it's a stereotypical jrpg from the snes era.
one potentially kewl thing i've come across so far is the ability to 'build your own' town.
it's done kind of badly though, you talk to this guy you start a town with then tell him you want to send some one out into the world to find new people to move into your town. it turns on the wifi on the DS then stops the game while it looks for other people playing DQIX.
at least thats what i think it's doing. i know for a fact it uses the wifi, but i don't see how it connects to other people unless they're trying to do the exact same thing.

the graphics are nice, cute sprites with detailed polygon buildings and a sometimes free roaming camera. change the angle using the L and R buttons. However, it only works in certain towns and seems like a tacked on feature considering the devs never really use it except for dramatic parts of the story which only ends up being a little funny because the camera moves a little too slow to be dramatic. the battle mode only shows a background with the monsters in the foreground, typical dragonquest. it's kind of shocking to see the screens above and a very welcome change in my opinion. the backgrounds in 8 are pretty detailed and nice, when fighting on water, the water is continually moving, though the rest of the scenes are pretty static, and monsters are sprites. which bring me to another thing, all of the sprites, that's monsters, characters and even npc never stop moving (walking in place) unless it's when someone hands you something. then they both stop for a second, the character moves to show that it's doing something and then your character moves to show that you've received something. Pretty oldschool funny.

story wise, like i said it's pretty basic, the world is coming to an end because a really kewl looking psycho is trying to destroy it. the psycho, by the way, looks like Cid from FF3/6. as in almost the same sprite.

spoiler alert below (select the white text to see what i write)
i have this nagging suspicion that the writers to the story are somewhat religious or the story itself is supposed to have some kind of religious innuendo because the main bad guy uses something called evolution to change himself to become more powerful. not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but when they talk to you before fighting it sounds something like:
'you will never defeat me because i am a master of evolution and i will use this power to kill you!'
maybe i'm just being a little to nit picky but that's just the feeling i get from it.

anyway, i'm trying to beat it now so i can move onto the next thing so it's getting kind of annoying. but generally an enjoyable (yet slow) game that i think people should at least give it a shot, especially if you're a fan of the series.

fixed images, added link to kotaku and centered things

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