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DS lite vs DSi

at 23:05 - 2nd, October 2008

Kotaku has a comparison of the DS lite and the DSI on their site.

• Size of Liquid Crystal Display
Nintendo DSi: 3.25 inches
Nintendo DS Lite: 3 inches

• Liquid Crystal Screen
Nintendo DSi: Possible to display 260,000 colors
Nintendo DS Lite: Possible to display 260,000 colors

• Portable Size
Nintendo DSi: Width 137mm, Length 74.9mm, Thickness 18.9mm (touch pen is approx. 92mm in length)
Nintendo DS Lite: Width 133mm, Length 73.9mm, Thickness 21.5mm (touch pen is approx. 87.5mm in length)

• Power Supply
Nintendo DSi: AC adaptor for Nintendo DSi
Nintendo DS Lite: AC adaptor for DS Lite

• Weight
Nintendo DSi: Approx. 214g (with touch pen)
Nintendo DS Lite: Approx. 218g (with touch pen, Game Boy Advance cover)

• Charging Time
Nintendo DSi: Approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes
Nintendo DS Lite: Approx. 3 hours

• Battery Life
Nintendo DSi: The lowest brightness (9-14 hrs), low brightness (8-12 hours), medium brightness (6-9 hours), high brightness (4-6 hours), highest brightness(3-4 hours)
Nintendo DS Lite: The lowest brightness (15-19 hrs), low brightness (10-15 hours), high brightness (7-11 hours), highest brightness(5-8 hours)

• Software
Nintendo DSi: Software for Nintendo DS, Software for Nintendo DSi.
Nintendo DS Lite: Software for Nintendo DS, Software for Game Boy Advance

• Input-Output
Nintendo DSi: DS card slot, SD memory card slot, AC adaptor connection, stereo headphone/mic jack
Nintendo DS Lite: DS card slot, Game Boy Advance cartridge slot, AC adaptor connection, stereo headphone/mic jack

things i find interesting
there's a difference between the dsi and ds lite/ds games, this could mean that some games might only be playable on the dsi. back during the days of snes vs genesis nintendo said they would never go the way sega did with addons and new systems. doesn't seem to hold onto that ideal so much anymore.
there's a sd slot for the dsi, should be interesting for homebrew.
camera, not a big deal, it's a crappy .3 megapixel camera.
the dsi has no gba slot whatsoever. guess it just didn't make sense to keep it then.
the stylus is longer on the dsi. not a big deal but i guess they got complaints about it.
the ds lite battery life is better than the dsi. makes sense since it has smaller screens.

i know carl has things to say about it. myself, i have a cell phone with a camera, i have a ds lite and am very happy with it, i really don't see the point in this. though the addition of the sd slot intrigues me.

Carl Carl
News comment 1 | User comment 1159 | 7:31 - 3rd, Oct 2008

This took time from there R&D from finding a Wii storage solution. I generalize of course but in all honesty this was not needed at all. Hell they cannot even release the multi color Wii's over here like originally planned but they can certainly put out new DS.

Honestly it needs a GB slot. I like the other DS's ability to do backwards compatibility. It's funny though I still have my original 1st gen release DS and still very happy with the use I get. The screen bothers me but is still a good system.

I just absolutely hate they do updates to systems and then expect you to pony up as they will probably make the other systems obsolete in the process.

andrew andrew
News comment 2 | User comment 1361 | 8:54 - 3rd, Oct 2008

why bother updating the ds lite? it was perfect (aside from a lack of tv-out port)

Alex Alex
News comment 3 | User comment 4954 | 10:27 - 3rd, Oct 2008

this one doesn't even have a tv out port. the only thing i can imagine this one to do more is maybe import your face into a game and play the music you want to play from an sd card.
like carl said, completely not needed.

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