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at 1:56 - 2nd, September 2008

So much for the gas price increase. If anyone wants some tips on when gas prices increase, you can use this site.

I got distracted by a really hot girl in a very tight and very short dress and almost lost my gas cap. Realized the panel for the gas tank was open when i was waiting at the light and realized i hadn't put the gas cap back on.

Also came accross this post on Penny Arcade. They had posted this link from an earlier convention


Then Tycho posted this "I also saw Felicia Day at the show, who gave me a brush and told me to groom her. This is a thing that really happened, and it was bizarre, but not so bizarre that I wouldn't do it. It was like brushing a unicorn."

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Alex Alex
News comment 1 | User comment 4939 | 12:16 - 2nd, Sep 2008

nice finds js

there are a couple places like the gas thing online. theres even a widget for the the states for os x, and there should be for vista as well.

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