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They have no gaming credibility. iPhone is not a serious gaming machine. Has pop cap type games and may get other type games but it's not properly designed for amazing gaming like the DS or PSP. Also the iPhone if considered a type of

Chrono Trigger DS a bad thing?

at 14:29 - 10th, July 2008

There's a small opinion piece over at that talks about the port of Chrono Trigger DS and how it's not a good thing.
It's kind of like an addition to Carl's thoughts posted in this news piece here.
So, Chrono Trigger is great right? I bet you can't wait to jump back into the fray with Frog, Robo, and co. Great fun. But "back" is the operative term here. Haven't you already played and beaten the game – scouring its brightly colored, Dragonball Z character-populated world until no stone was left unturned, no ending left un-unlocked? Remember when Square worked gamers the world over into a frothy-mouthed fervor by trademarking "Chrono Break"? What ever happened to that? Sure, Chrono Cross was a great game, but it wasn't the Chrono Trigger sequel fans wanted. How about a real sequel, Square Enix?

I don't agree with what he says because of a couple of reasons. In my opinion, Squeenix has been going down hill since FFVII, and it has nothing to do with the amount of ports that they've made.
I can't remember the last square game that I sat through and played all the way though, and that's including ffIX which i enjoyed tremendously. Even the DS games haven't been all that eye catching. The author talks about World Ends With You and how it was a great game but over shadowed by ports and re-releases and was outsold by a Dora game for children. I spent some time trying to get into World End With You and just didn't enjoy it, the art style was ok, but the battle system wasn't fun at all. so it doesn't surprise me that it was out sold by Dora.

Also, i don't remember seeing any ads for the game except for in Nintendo Power. Doesn't say much for the game if Squeenix doesn't back it properly.
And i think this is a big problem with games and game companies, they don't advertise properly and then complain when the game doesn't sell well. But that's another story all together.

I think that an update to Chrono would be a welcome addition to the port, be it through graphics or more dungeons or hell, a proper sequel. but that takes time and money and people want stuff now.

Carl Carl
News comment 1 | User comment 1159 | 15:32 - 10th, Jul 2008

Square has kinda back themselves in a corner in some ways. FF games as is I still think can be the most emotionally involving games there is. FF 9 was superb. As I said a long time ago. They need to take away numerical values to their games and give the game an actual title. Like FF: Mystical Moons or some shit like that.

And there is nothing wrong with side stories as long as it can add to the story in a positive manner. If you assume from the get go that sequels are bad you will never be happy so stop bitching and don't play it. Am I a fan of the side stories...not 100% but they do add some elements which are enjoyable.

As far as Chrono is concerned it is due for a good followup^. Chrono Cross was a great game. Combat was interesting but would have preferred the old style on that.

Carl Carl
News comment 2 | User comment 1159 | 15:36 - 10th, Jul 2008

But Chrono Cross did cover some of the characters in the Chrono game and their futures were none too bright. Since it's a time game they can do lots of things with the series. They can completely disregard Chrono Cross or they can follow up on it more. Prequel even.

Square has some solid titles to work on, some great new IP's. How about another Vagrant Story game. They have potential to bounce back.

I do think they have to at some point stop milking the whole transformation of 2d to 3d thing because it does not add anything to the gam and occupies ressources needed elsewhere. To make it somewhere you have to take risks.

Time to start.

Alex Alex
News comment 3 | User comment 4968 | 15:56 - 10th, Jul 2008

i played crono cross a while back and didn't make it too far so my view might be a little skewed here but i had a couple complaints.

the battle system, while new was a little strange and i couldn't quite get the grasp of it

the time thing really fucked with me because right before i played it i read somewhere that if you did thing 'A' in the beginning of the game either thing 'B' or thing 'C' would happen later on. I think even the game said that in the beginning. right there i felt nervous about every little thing i did because i thought i would miss something right afterwards.

Alex Alex
News comment 4 | User comment 4968 | 15:57 - 10th, Jul 2008

at the same time, i've only ever gotten the one ending in chrono trigger. the super happy ending. and all i ever did was play the basic game's story. to this day i have no idea how you get any of the other endings.

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