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i would be flattered but i'm going to ask vikie, not the other way around.

Alien: Romulus Movie trailer

at 0:00 - 21st, March 2024
Seems like they want to go back to the original idea of Alien as a suspense horror movie, maybe?

I'm a big alien fan, there's this great Youtube Channel: Alien Theory that just dissects everything Alien - be it movie, comics, games, whatever. Cannon and non-cannon alike.

I think this was all sparked by the first Alien movie but reignited by Alien Isolation. An absolutely phenomenal game that just gets so many things right when it comes to the atmosphere and aesthetics of the Alien mythos. Highly, highly/b> suggest playing it if you haven't.


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andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1361 | 12:21 - 21st, Mar 2024

i've always loved the alien universe, definitely want to see it, just hope it's not a rehash of the original movie.

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