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Things to do on the WiiU in 2024

at 0:23 - 20th, February 2024
Love Modern Vintage Gamer, has to be one of the most interesting and well put together video game channels that is entirely unique content. Not sure if I've mentioned him before but his channel is about retro games, modding consoles, the emulator scene and loads of other things, but from a very technical stand point.

He's pretty much single handedly bringing attention to bring life back to dead consoles scene and it's really well done.

This particular video is for me really since I'm one of the few people I know with a WiiU, but he has plenty of other content that might interest people.

The Wii U was a system that Nintendo would rather forget. But for modders, it's nearly the perfect console which can play the (almost) entire back catalog of Nintendo games that game before it - and many other emulators and homebrew. While modding the Wii U isn't anything new - in today's video we take a look at the most up to date homebrew environment known as Aroma that not only makes the Wii U easier to hack, but it also makes it the experience so much better. Let's check it out.

? Up to date Wii U hacking guide :
? Aroma Download -

Will definitely need to try and do this with mine. I loved the WiiU, thought it was entirely underrated. I'm on to the Switch now but would love to bring some life back into it.


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andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1361 | 3:15 - 20th, Feb 2024

i was today years old when i learned that the wii u was a different console than the wii

js js
News comment 2 | User comment 1051 | 5:15 - 4th, Mar 2024

I think that was part of the problem. Nintendo really didn't do a great job marketing the Wii U, most people though it was just an add on to the Wii or didn't know about it at all.

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