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Yeah, but i mean, pretty much anything we go with I\'d have to put on credit, anyway. (sigh)

Sega Neptune Mod

at 2:11 - 27th, November 2023
Anyone remember the Sega Tower of Power? it's the amount of power bricks you would need to have when plugging in the Genesis, Sega CD and the 32x all at the same time. A bit of a fire hazard if you ask me.

Sega originally had planned to release a version of the Genesis with the 32x built into it called a Sega Neptune. It was even supposed to come in a nice looking case but because the 32x would of been in direct competition for their new console - the Sega Saturn - Sega of America were forced to forget the 32x and all derivatives and focus on the Saturn and its launch.

This is a whole other story in itself as it was an absolute mess.

Macho Nacho Productions has a run down of how to make a Sega Neptune using Genesis and 32x parts and you can now buy a case for the Neptune and shove everything in there.

Have to admit, it's a pretty nice looking little system.


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