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i still think it's the cops who needed to do research on the weapon to label it. they clerks probably recognized it but couldn't name it.


at 19:38 - 21st, November 2023
I've been watching Invincible recently. It sparked my interest because of OmniMan more than anything else.
Amazon pulled an amazon and went kind of woke with it, with some flamboyantly gay stuff just for the sake of being gay and a couple race swaps but if you look past the changes the show isn't that bad. It's a basic teen drama / teen coming of age comic book with super heroes flying around as a norm in the background.

The art style is pretty basic and really bad in some places where they suddenly throw in low resolution cg characters near the end for some reason. Not sure why exactly, but have a feeling it ran out of money or something.

It starts with a after the credits thing with a lot of gore, was kind of surprising. There's gore throughout the rest of the season, but not like later on in season one. Just, wow. And almost as if they're doing just for the shock of it more than anything.

I recommend season one, but with the way it ends, I'm not sure I'll bother with season two. Again, OmniMan is the most interesting part of the show, Invincible and the teen drama stuff is just tiring. And it makes you wonder who the show is supposed to target. Adults, most adults anyway, won't care for it, but the fights are just so gore filled that it can't be for kids.


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