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not the blind people. the people who came up with the idea, and yes they could be blind as well but their hippies because they came up with the idea, not because they're blind.

uBlock Origin and youtube, the never ending battle

at 18:16 - 31st, October 2023
Great little read from about what's happening.

Basically, in some places in the US and maybe canada, google is updating and rolling out a test of youtube that if it detects an adblocker, it does not display videos and asks you to turn off the adblockers. With all the built in adblocking mechanisms in modern browsers plus extensions like uBlock Origin, this is not going well.

The War of Attrition
Since May, uBO has been in a cat-and-mouse game with YouTube. And they’ve shown incredible resilience, especially when you consider that there are only two people on the uBO team dealing with YouTube.

The uBO team members are all volunteers. They’ve gone above and beyond to meet every little request from their users. But there’s a limit to how much they can take. At some point, the constant demands become too much, and they will leave uBO for good. It’s one thing to play cat and mouse with YouTube. It’s quite another to deal with a wave of angry users.

Maybe that’s how YouTube will win this war of attrition.

It's quite an interesting read, especially from an outsiders perspective where we aren't served ads in St. Kitts. It's jarring going from St. Kitts youtube to north america youtube.

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andrew andrew
News comment 1 | User comment 1361 | 13:48 - 2nd, Nov 2023

noticed that recently with adblock plus, very annoying

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4957 | 14:21 - 2nd, Nov 2023

Might want to read this:

Apparently they joined forces with google to allow "acceptable ads" through back in 2016. It's not a bad model, dunno if it went anywhere. I actually didn't know about this until I searched for "adblock sells" because I remember reading somewhere a while back that adblock was selling user data or key strokes or something.

js js
News comment 3 | User comment 1051 | 16:59 - 4th, Nov 2023

I ended up paying for premium. I canceled Netflix because they kept raising the price and I barely used it. Mostly kept it because my parents were using my login, but they were blocking that. On the other hand. I'm constantly on youtube, so I don't mind paying for it.

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