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so for Tuesday: Scotiabank - 7:35 Cote des Neiges - 7:30 Spheretech - 7:00 Kirkland - 7:35 I think Spheretech would be best for everyone - Could do East Side Marios before ?

Cities Skylines 2 performance issues caused by teeth

at 13:32 - 31st, October 2023
Apparently Cities Skylines 2 has had a couple of growing pains, one of the major ones was performance.
Someone on reddit looked into the code and found out that the citizens are having their teeth rendered in full resolution up to 1 block away.

Hehe, what a problem to have.


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js js
News comment 1 | User comment 1050 | 16:53 - 4th, Nov 2023

I saw those stories as well. Some people were blaming the developers outsourcing the models for the people in the game and they had too much detail. The developers responded that that wasn't the issue, the game needed more optimization before releasing.

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